Mt Baker Pow weekend!

What a weekend! 28″ in 48 hours, light and fluffy and everything!

We headed up Friday night, there was a storm rolling through that was dumping snow up north. So naturally we chased it!

Heading up at night the LED driving lights are a life saver. Missed a family of deer…. glad I could see them. It was absolutely dumping snow.

Entering hyperspace

We made it in time to get up to white salmon before the gates closed. Its nice to be able to be so much closer to the lift. We backed into the snowbank and settled in for some dinner.

Home for the weekend.
Friday night snow.

It was really coming down Friday night, we walked around outside for a bit, but went to bed pretty early. The morning brought lots of fresh snow. About 8″ overnight.

Lovely Morning sight.

It was a good day for big sticks! Soft and deep everywhere and just continued to come down all day. A great day of skiing. We all crashed early.

The weather cleared up after a few more inches over night. Woke up to clearing sky’s. The snow was so good we decided to ski Sunday too.

Digging out Sunday

Dug out the plow berm that was in front of the truck, and headed for home Sunday afternoon. It was a great weekend of skiing and the truck worked awesome.