Finishing off the back door.

I have been putting off trimming and skiing the back door for a while….. But now that its good and cold, the door and frame sweat, a lot.

So I got a dry day and got to work. First a layer of foam board was spray glued to the door. Its 1″ thick and R 5.

Insulation glued on.

Next layer was a sheet of 1/4″ ply glued to the insulation. The glue was supposed to be temporary, but it holding well so far, I may add a few screws later.

Plywood Skin

This left me with covering the metal frame that goes around the back door. Its steel, and goes all the way through to the outside, so its cold and it sweats. I look a couple of scraps of the 1″ foam and cut it down to 1/2″ thick. This was glued to the steel to create a thermal break. Plywood is not very insulating, so a gap between the wood and metal is needed.

Thermal Break insulation
1/2″ gap between ply and metal.

aNext I cut a piece of 1/2″ ply to cover the frame, and overlap the door. I am putting a gasket on it to keep the moisture vapor from getting behind it and sealing the space.

Gasket and overlap


All done

Really cleaned up the inside, its not just an aluminum door anymore. And no more dripping on the bed! That’s the last big wall piece that was left to do.

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